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Is yoga for everybody?

We believe wholeheartedly that yoga is good and fun for everybody. No matter what age, how flexible or what level you are. So no need to worry that yoga is 'just not your thing'. We’ll make sure that you feel welcome, no matter if you're beginning practitioner or a yogi looking to deepen your practice.


What do I need to pay?

You can see the price of the class you sign up for in our schedule. We want to make yoga accessible to everyone so we keep our prices low. Depending on the location, some classes are fixed price and sometimes you can show your love and appreciation by making a donation of your choice. Cash or card payment possible at every class.


What do I need?  

All necessary yoga supplies will be present (mats, straps etc) but please bring your own mat if you have one since a limited amounts of mats are available. There will be cleaning supplies to clean your mat after the class. Wear comfortable loose clothing.



What does a class look like?

Please check our schedule to get more info about the class you sign up for. Our classes will mainly be Hatha based yoga classes with options for all levels. This means challenging yet relaxing classes with personal attention and hands-on adjustments.


How do I know the location?  

Our traveling Tribe lands in the most unexpected locations. We strive to find an amazing spot for every class, which you can see in our schedule. In case of our pop-up classes we will reveal the next location step by step. The exact location will be communicated at least one day before the class. Check out some of our previous hotspots here


Do I need to sign up?

Please sign up for the clas(ses) of your choice here. Registering is appreciated, not mandatory but please note that sometimes spots are limited. In case of a full class only registered students get a spot, but you can always show up to see if there are any lastminute cancellations (first come, first serve).